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Once I read “The Labrador Retriever The Dog That Does It All” by Lisa Weiss and Emily Biegel, I knew this was the breed for me. I wasn’t looking for just another show dog. I wanted a dog I could have fun with as well and this included many performance events. I have found that the Labrador truly does do it all. My first trip out to the field and I was hooked. I have found nothing is more delightful than introducing a puppy to birds and water. And nothing is more satisfying than running and qualifying at a hunt test with a dog you have trained or getting up at the crack of dawn and sitting in a duck blind. This is what the Lab was bred for and they take such joy in it. The Labrador is what I would call an honest breed, a workhorse with a wash and wear coat and a heart of gold.

Member of:

Labrador Retriever Club Inc. (AKC Parent Club)

Black Warrior Retriever Club of Alabama

Birmingham Kennel Club

Greater Birmingham Agility Club

Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Club