Pups at 12 days

Puppies are now 12 days old. Half of the puppies are tipping the scales at 3 pounds and the others are not far behind. They are starting to get up on thier feet and wobble around. The little white collar boy is starting to open his eyes. A week from today I bet all their eyes will be open.

Red Boy

Puppies are starting to move about more.

Huck puppies

Some gorgeous Huck puppies arrived Saturday morning, five boys and one girl. They are all doing well and Punch is taking good care of them. I had entered Winona in Starkville. I had planned to go over to Mississippi Saturday morning, show and turn around and come home with puppies due Monday. But when Punch’s temp dropped on Friday I knew we weren’t going to make it. It was a good thing I had prepared for puppies last weekend with only a few things to do Friday evening.

Huck and Punch puppies

Huck and Punch puppies due 1/18/21

Just five more days and these babies should be here. When Punch is done with this litter she will retire from motherhood. She can get on with her obedience and agiltiy career without any interruptions. She is such a great little performance dog with lots of drive, intelligence and personality.

I think we have everything ready to go. She has been sleeping in her whelping box that we set up last weekend. The girl is eating three meals a day and asking for more. She was such a great mom with her last litter. My husband is now working from home so I have an extra set of ears and eyes on the pups. Always exciting to have puppies but an amazing amount of work.