I lost Tilde almost two months ago. I celebrated her 13th birthday back in January. I figured everyday after that was a blessing. She was my purple puppy, my first titled Utility Dog and my first agility dog. Sometimes I thought she was a border collie in a labrador suit. After having puppies she evenually lost interest in running agility. I only bred her one time but she gave me Ezra, my first Master Agility Champion. At almost nine years old he is still happily running agility with me and closing in on his Preferred Agility Champion title.

Ezra’s sister Viola also ran agility and got her Junior Hunter title. These two siblings enabled their dam to achieve the Labrador Retriever Club’s title of Producer of Merit. Tilde herself was a talented dog with her Utility Dog, Rally Excellent, Open Agility, Open Agility Jumper with weaves and her Junior Hunter titles. She also obtained her Dog For All Reasons from the LCR at the National 2008.

Tilde loved her popcorn. She would stand at the bottom of the stairs and bark as soon as she heard it popping upstairs. She had a broken canine tooth that I can only assume she broke when two dogs collided when going for a piece of popcorn I had thrown. After that I was very careful. No one barks now when I make popcorn even though they all love it. She was a good dog, an easy traveler and never any trouble. She was my greatest comfort when I lost her sire, my heart dog Toby.

Tilde doing scent articles at 11 and half years old. The last time she did scent articles was over six years ago when she got her Utility Dog title.