Finally A Little Adventure

My first show back in months and I entered Chattanooga. Winona was in the 9-12 month puppy class on Saturday. This worked out great considering there was a 3 point major for her first show. She won her class so she got to go back in for Winners Bitch. Since we were the youngest class entry we went back in the ring last. What a great first experince with no pressure.

Chattanooga is an easy drive and a friend joined me for a nice weekend back. I am looking forward to showing my girl in the next few months. I do regret not having all the fun puppy classes to show her in as covid caused the cancelation of many shows.

The following weekend I drove to Griffin, Georgia for a match. Punch was entered in the obedience match as we had a trial in October. She did a nice job outside on the grass. She qualified and I felt she was ready to show. The Griffin Georgia Kennel Club did a nice job with the match and I am so glad I got to go and spend time with such nice people while enjoying the perfect fall weather.

I had Winona entered in conformation where she was the only labrador puppy. She was of course best of breed and went back in for the sporting group where she took first place! Back in the ring for the third time for best in match, it was well worth the $5 entry for all the ring time.

Another beautiful fall weekend. Perfect for an obedience trial as we had to wait outside until our ring time. This was my first indoor activity since covid. The Decatur club did a great job as I felt very safe. Punch was ready and I was very pleased with her heeling. Heeling is not something I enjoy training or practicing. I would much rather teach scent articles. On Sat. Punch decided to follow the judge after her stand for exam so she got an non-qualifying score.

Sunday morning before I left home I had my husband help us practice the stand for exam. It must have worked as Punch managed to qualify with a score of 192 1/2 and a second place.