Pups Week Four

Happy Thanksgiving. Puppies are doing well. On Monday I decided I would try the puppies on real food. I mixed soaked puppy food and a little goats milk to make a fine gruel. They all took to it right away. Yesterday I switched them over to the big saucer as they are eating more. In the first video they are busy eating. In the second video they spy mom patiently waiting to clean up the mess.

I am off work this week so I have enjoyed spending all this time with the puppies as they are growing fast. Yesterday I made an appointment for shots/microchip and another appointment to get their eyes checked. Hard to believe they will be heading to new homes after Christmas. As each week passes they are more fun. When I sit with them they will crawl up on me. And they are so sweet to hold.

After dinner today the grandkids are coming to socialize puppies. Maybe next week I will start setting up a play area if they seem ready. They are starting to play with each other. They are upstairs to hear the TV, pots banging, vacuuming humming. If we are lucky enough to have warm weather before Christmas they may take their first adventure outside.

Pups week three

Eyes have opened. The pups are now barking and growling as they try to play with each other. They will come to the side of the whelping box when they see me or mom approach. Still not steady on their feet, they are more active. Their personalities are starting to emerge. I took the heating pad out since they seem to be warm enough. They sleep all spread out instead of all piled on top of each other trying to get warm. They are growing fast and I don’t know how long mom can keep all those little bellies full.


Pups Week Two

I have been getting lots of puppy breath lately. I am really enjoying these sweet little pups. All the puppies are growing trying to get up on their feet. Punch continues to be a good mom which makes my job alot easier. Punch brought her lamb chop she won at the Huntsville rally trial into the whelping box. I don’t know if she brought it for herself or the puppies. The three yellow girls seem to be about the same size. The yellow boys seems to be a bit bigger than the yellow girls. The black girls vary in size and are a little smaller then the yellow girls.

Pups have arrived!

Eddy and Punch puppies are here, they arrived Nov. 4, 2019, right on time. Punch got me up at 2:00 a.m. on Monday. By the time everything was cleaned up and pups settled it was after 7 p.m. I was exhausted but happy. We have three black girls, three yellow girls and a lone yellow boy. All pups are vigorous with great appetites.

Punch is being a great mom keeping the puppies clean and well fed. It looks good seeing those beautiful black pups in the whelping box. I was planning on a black boy so now I will have to rethink names for a black girl. I have always liked to use gemstone or flower names for my girls. There are actually black flowers, though some are a deep purple. It is amazing what one can learn by surfing the internet for puppy names. This is something I enjoy and spend a great deal of time naming my puppies.

I think I am finished for now. And in order to get pictures up for those waiting, I wll forego any editing this early morning. Enjoy the pictures. As I have mastered WordPress Gallery I will hopefully get pictures up more quickly.